food, cake, topper: southern belle/ georgia peach bride

matt and rebecca's wedding in scott's valley, ca was absolutely brilliant and lovely. they had an indoor/outdoor reception, and the whole venue was gorgeous.

they served up classic bbq: chicken, ribs, green beans with bacon, garlic bread, salad, and mashed potatoes. they also had exclusive alcoholic drinks: one called "the blushing bride". 

a 5-tiered "georgia peach" cake: fit with a hand-painted bow and peach monogram, peach cookies, flowers, and a classic "foot poppin' kiss" topper. so classy.

the flavors were quite southern belle, too:

top tier (bow): red velvet with vanilla bean cream cheese icing
2nd tier (flowers): vanilla chiffon with fresh peaches n' cream buttercream
3rd tier (monogram): vanilla chiffon with peet's coffee buttercream
4th tier (pearls): chocolate with almond buttercream

like i said, brilliant and lovely!

(there really is nothing like a good cake smashing photo!)

catered by: carmona's

see more of matt and rebecca's wedding here.


  1. Beautiful Chanelle! You did a great job!

    1. Thanks so much, Brina! You did, too :) I hope to work with you again and hope you're doing well.



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