cupcakes: hello kitty + classic monogram

this year has been amazing with the weddings that i have gotten to do. tiffany and cody's wedding cupcakes were so fun and i loved working on them. 

i've come across a few very interesting themes, and this one i just couldn't pass up to share.

case in point: hello kitty cupcakes! (among others :)

chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and toffee bits

red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and handmade hello kitty toppers :)

their red velvet monogrammed cake with hot pink pearl border & chocolate/vanilla monogrammed cupcakes

all finished and ready to go :) they also had a candy bar to go along with the cupcakes, so fun!

such a fun atmosphere! can you tell what tiffany's favorite color is???


cupcakes: just stick a fork in it
photos: mikaela a. calios


cake: shabby chic vintage with sage + peach accents

sheena and aris' vintage summer wedding was the bee's knees. i walked into their burlingame, ca reception and was in awe of all of the beautiful details. everything was vibrant, but not overpoweringly so. as a baker, i'm always worried that the colors of the cake won't match the scheme exactly the bride and groom have put together, even if swatches were supplied.

fortunately, it worked just perfectly.

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream
peach colored roses with sage accents
no cake smashing pics this time! :)
 photos by: jonathan martinez
cake by: just stick a fork in it

an up close and personal look at the cake
photo credit: just stick a fork in it


food, cake(s): the bird and the bear's most important meal of the day

breakfast, of course!

caryn and bryan (of the bird and the bear) are one of the cutest, if not the cutest, couple that i know. that said, it was only natural that they had the cutest wedding ever (in mayfield park, austin tx) on the best day ever, right? 

don't believe me?


no seriously, told ya.

a lovely note from the bird herself:

bryan and i like to be healthy eaters.  we didn't want a meal that was too heavy, so we chose breakfast food!  it's our favorite meal of the day, and we thought it'd be delightful to include in our garden party wedding.  whole foods catered, so it was all organic, fresh and tasty.  we had a smoothie bar for while we were taking photos, and a breakfast taco station.  breakfast tacos are kind of a huge deal here in austin, and we knew our friends would love them.  we also had whole wheat pancakes with apple slices in them, pastries, fruit, etc.  our cake partially collapsed before we had a chance to cut it (we did insist on a lot of fruit filling, though) but it was still amazing!  a note to future brides - remember to eat the cake!  we only got a bite when we did the cake cutting, and forgot about the grooms cake entirely.  i didn't even remember what it looked like til we got the photos!  

breakfast pastries and fresh fruit
the groom's cake :)
caryn and bryan cutting their fruit-filled wedding cake
photography by: gabe aceves
cake and food by: whole foods

p.s. thanks again, love, for your inspiration and now, your submission :). you are the best!


food, cake, topper: southern belle/ georgia peach bride

matt and rebecca's wedding in scott's valley, ca was absolutely brilliant and lovely. they had an indoor/outdoor reception, and the whole venue was gorgeous.

they served up classic bbq: chicken, ribs, green beans with bacon, garlic bread, salad, and mashed potatoes. they also had exclusive alcoholic drinks: one called "the blushing bride". 

a 5-tiered "georgia peach" cake: fit with a hand-painted bow and peach monogram, peach cookies, flowers, and a classic "foot poppin' kiss" topper. so classy.

the flavors were quite southern belle, too:

top tier (bow): red velvet with vanilla bean cream cheese icing
2nd tier (flowers): vanilla chiffon with fresh peaches n' cream buttercream
3rd tier (monogram): vanilla chiffon with peet's coffee buttercream
4th tier (pearls): chocolate with almond buttercream

like i said, brilliant and lovely!

(there really is nothing like a good cake smashing photo!)

catered by: carmona's

see more of matt and rebecca's wedding here.


cake, topper: sparklers + chasing automobiles

cameron and maria's wedding cake topper, along with cake sparklers, gave their guests the ultimate portrayal of their marriage :)

and they wouldn't have had it any other way! their pismo beach, ca wedding was the perfect summer event.

see more of cameron and maria's wedding here


why, hello there!

hey! :)

my name is chanelle, and this is my wedding food blog. i am a professional baker and love making all things pastry. i will be posting a lot of inspiring photos from weddings that i have personally attended and some i've come across that spark my interest. (and maybe yours!) i love the idea of a wedding: the dress, the cake. i really love seeing what the bride and groom have come up with to show their personalities through their wedding meal and decor. 

anyway, feel free to look around and watch wymm?'s (not to be confused with himym) story unfold.

submit pictures and ideas to submissions@willyoumarrymeals.com. can't wait to see what you come up with! 

inspired always,

p.s. thank you to caryn of the bird + the bear  for her own bout of inspiration! she gave me the push to start this blog ;) <3 she (and hubby, bryan) are so boss at what they do. feel very free to check them out, they never cease to amaze me. i'm sure you'll see a lot of their work on here because i am always in awe! love!